Steve Pomerance: STRs, ADUs, OAUs, CHUs, and the HAB

By Steve Pomerance – – Photo: Steve Pomerance For the Camera.

Photo: Steve Pomerance For the Camera

Photo: Steve Pomerance For the Camera

Each of the first four acronyms in the headline above identifies some housing “solutions” that have become issues for the lower-density neighborhoods. STRs are “short-term rentals,” where a homeowner rents out part or all of his or her home on a short-term basis. ADUs are “accessory dwelling units,” where a homeowner has built a separate apartment as part of a single-family house, sometimes called a granny flat. OAUs are “owner accessory units,” a completely detached second residential unit, like a garage apartment, on a single-family lot. CHUs are “cooperative housing units,” commonly called co-ops, which may have 12 or more residents in a single-family house.  The HAB is the Housing Advisory Board.

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